Are you 60 years or over? Do you have the correct bus pass?

New National Entitlement Card

Get in touch if you don't have the new card

Have you received your new national entitlement card yet, the smartcard that gives you access to free public services such as local buses? If not, you may among around 1,400 local residents over the age of 60 years, whom Midlothian Council is asking to get in touch as we don’t have a valid address for you.

About 1,400 people may find their card does not work in January

Councillor Kelly Parry, Midlothian’s cabinet member for customer services, said: “We’re appealing for anyone over 60 who doesn’t have their new card through the post to get in touch with us. The new card, which you may know as your bus pass, is changing in January. If you’ve not got a new one then your old one won’t work. 

Have you moved or changed your surname?

“Everyone should have had theirs by now, so if you don’t, it probably means you’ve either changed addresses or changed surnames and we don’t have an accurate record of how to get in touch.”

Check if your card has an expiry date

The easiest way to establish if you’ve got the correct card is to check if it has an expiry date. If it DOES, then it’s the old card and needs updated.

To get a new card simply call us on



5 Dec 2016