Positive inspection for Newbyres Village Care Home

Positive rating for Newbyres Village Care Home

Newbyres Village Care Home in Gorebridge has been rated as 'good' by the independent regulatory body, the Care Inspectorate.

At an unannounced inspection in January, inspectors found the quality of the service's care and support, environment, staffing and management and leadership to all be 'good'.

Improved quality of care

The quality of care in the home, which has undergone a restructure since the last inspection, has improved, inspectors concluded. Staff and relatives acknowledge introducing registered care nurses has been of benefit to residents. Care plans are also being uses to assess, plan and evaluate care needs while the bedrooms were comfortable and personalised.

Inspectors also noted the noticeable positive change in the culture of the home and in the attitude and approach of staff.

Considerable work has gone in to implementing the restructuring and integration of health and social care provision.

Council delighted

A council spokeswoman said: "We're absolutely delighted that the substantial improvements to Newbyres have been recognised.

"Staff members have also expressed a wish to continue to improve the care for residents and they are committed to continuously developing this service for the benefit of local people.

"To be rated as 'good' in all four categories is very positive, it's something that has not been achieved since September 2010 at Newbyres."

Improvements still to be made

While the inspectors found many examples of how the care home has improved, three previous requirements have yet to be fully met.

During the unannounced inspection, inspectors looked at, among other documents, care plans, policies and procedures. Food and fluid intakes should be recorded accurately and evaluated. Any nutritional needs should be identified in care planning.

Oral care charts should be completed and evaluated.

The spokeswoman added: “Plans are in place to tackle outstanding issues and to continue to improve.”

16 Mar 2017