Did you go to Newbattle Community High School?

Newbattle memorabilia

They might have outgrown the sweatshirts and need reminded to tidy their ties but former pupils Helen Gilroy and Leighton Hirst certainly haven’t forgotten their Newbattle schooldays.

Newbattle is holding an exhibition in April

Helen, a former PE teacher and now a recreation officer with the council and Leighton, a customer service adviser, were back in class to help launch a call to local people for old school photos, memories and memorabilia. The artefacts and stories will be used in an exhibition in April to mark a new era at the school. It is moving before the summer recess to the new Newbattle Community Campus when it opens.

Please send in your stories and old photos

Leighton, who left Newbattle four years ago, said: “I’d say it’s really important for people to send in their stories and old photos, especially when you think of how long the school has been here. We need to celebrate that time frame.”

Librarian Douglas Gordon is collating the exhibition

Newbattle High School librarian Douglas Gordon is collating the contributions for the exhibition. He needs local people to email photos of themselves currently, with their contact details, along with around 100 words of their memories of the school. Former pupils can also either hand in their old photo prints to the school with contact details on the back or take a photo/scan of the printed photo and email it to Douglas at:

Helen brought her photos

Helen has an old black and white photo from July 1976 showing a staff versus pupils football match line up. Not only is Helen in the picture, as she had the important job of handing out the oranges, but behind her is her now husband Robin while behind him is his brother, Alan Gilroy, the chemistry and physics teacher.

Leighton, meanwhile, says he rates Mr Tyler, the physics teacher, as his favourite because “he made physics fun and there were lots of exciting experiments like bottle rockets.”

Get in touch

Do you have any memories or memorabilia of Newbattle High School? Get in touch with Douglas Gordon at



22 Jan 2018