Residents encouraged to sign up and pay for garden waste collections

Brown wheelie bin

Residents will be receiving letters this week (week beginning Monday 7 January) explaining how to sign up and pay for the council’s new charged garden waste collection service. 

Reinvested in services

The service is being introduced this spring as part of a package of cost saving measures for Midlothian Council.  If uptake among residents is as expected, there will be a net saving of over £560k per year, which will be reinvested into other vital services such as education and social care. Although a popular service among the residents who use it, as a non-statutory service it is being made more self-financing to avoid being lost altogether.

Pay online

From Monday 7 January, residents wishing to maintain a fortnightly kerbside garden waste collection service should register and pay online

Register by 21 February

Households must register by 21 February to receive the full service. Residents who do not want to pay for the service can take their garden waste to a recycling centre for free disposal, or compost as home.

Turned into compost

The council collects over 7,000 tonnes of garden waste each year between kerbside collections and recycling centres in Midlothian. The waste is passed to a local company who process it into compost and bag it for sale. This composting process is the most environmentally friendly way for the council to dispose of residents’ garden waste, where it can’t be composted at home. 

Please continue recycling

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for waste services, Cllr John Hackett said: “We appreciate that some residents may be unhappy about paying this new charge to keep their kerbside garden waste collections, but I would urge residents not to let it put them off recycling.

Less than £2 per collection

“Our collection service is still the easiest and most environmentally friendly way for us to take care of residents’ garden waste.  The £35 cost covers fortnightly kerbside collections from March right through to November meaning collections work out at just £1.95 each.

“We hope residents will see value in the service and sign up.”

7 Jan 2019