New developers' contributions committee considered

At the full Council meeting on Tuesday, councillors approved a recommendation for extra training on planning committee issues.

Extra planning training

The training will take place before a working group is set up to investigate the possibility of establishing a new developers’ contributions committee.

Regular reviews

This new committee would ensure developers' contributions for infrastructure such as roads, new schools, and parks are reviewed on a regular basis.

Working group

At the full Council meeting on Tuesday, councillors agreed a new elected members working group set up to review Standing Orders would also look at what changes are needed to those rules to establish the new developer contributions committee.

Planning expertise vital

Midlothian Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for planning, Cllr Russell Imrie said: “Ongoing training in planning issues is vital to all councillors as we all sit on the planning committee.

“Doing that training before we look at establishing a developers’ contributions committee will be very helpful.

Community benefit

“I think all councillors will agree that, with the scale of building here in Midlothian, it’s vital elected members have planning expertise and can represent the views of their constituents by considering developers' contributions in a bid to maximise benefits to our communities.”


26 Jun 2019