Parents reminding you to fill in our 1140 hours survey

1140 hours survey

We’ve asked three parents to help us remind you to fill in our survey about the 1140 hours of free (funded) early learning and childcare you’ll be entitled to from August 2020.

Their children already get 1140 hours

Victoria Garden, Carol Ferguson and Louise Holgate, who is not in the picture, all have children currently enjoying the extra hours at Lawfield Primary School nursery.

All at Lawfield

Victoria’s son Rory, 4, Carol’s son James, also 4, and Louise’s children, Mackenzie, 4, and Cara, 4, are at the nursery from 8.30am to 2.50pm, Mondays to Thursdays and 8.30 to 12.30pm on Fridays during term time.

Lots of benefits

They all say the extra hours, which are almost double the current entitlement of 600 hours, are helping their children make friends, settle into routines and learn new skills.

How would you use the hours?

We want to hear how you could take advantage of as many of the 1140 hours as possible, should you want to, just like Victoria, Carol and Louise.

Leaps and bounds

Victoria’s son Rory has been benefitting from the 1140 hours since August 2019. Victoria says: “He’s come on so much with the solid routine.” Victoria says he’s calmer, more settled, his speech is improving and he’s made more friends. Meanwhile the extra hours have allowed her to help look after a friend’s children and look after herself – she makes good use of the council’s leisure card to keep fit and healthy. Victoria also has plans now to apply to university. “I want to study forensic anthropology,” she says.

Making new friends

Carol’s son James is loving his 1140 hours. She’s noticed as well as making new friends he’s developed a love for stories at night time before bed. And he’s even keen to help mum in the kitchen.

More family time

The extra hours also means she can tackle all the other jobs that need doing so when James and his brother Cameron, 7, are at home “it’s family time”, says Carol, who now also has time to sit on the parent council and volunteer in the nursery.

Gaining confidence

And Louise, who has eight children, says Mackenzie and Cara are learning more now that they are "full-time" in the nursery. Mackenzie took a while to come out of his shell but he’s making friends. Meanwhile, Louise, who works as a support worker mainly on nightshifts, can now get more sleep during the day as previously she was often existing on two or three hours.

In the picture

In the picture are, from left to right, Lawfield’s Early Years officer, Equity & Excellence Lead, Emma Murray, Victoria Garden and Carol Ferguson. At the front from left to right are Victoria’s son Rory, Louise Holgate’s children Mackenzie and Cara and Carol’s son James.

27 Sep 2019