Winter road maintenance

Gritting lorry on snowy road.

The council is responsible for the winter maintenance of the public road network in Midlothian with the exception of the A720 City of Edinburgh Bypass, A68, and A702 trunk roads which are the responsibility of Transport Scotland.

Report a problem

If there is a road which requires gritting you can request this using the online roads defect form:

If you think your street requires a grit bin or the existing one needs to be refilled you can request this using the online grit bin form:

Priority routes

In snow and freezing conditions we operate a gritting and clearing policy according to priority routes. During severe conditions treatment of priority 2 and 3 routes can be delayed as resources will be concentrated on ensuring that the priority 1 routes are kept clear.

  • Carriageway Priority 1 - Important principal roads and bus routes to hospitals, ambulance depots, fire stations, social/care centres, and local danger spots (e.g. very steep hills).
  • Carriageway Priority 2 - Cross routes, connecting routes, and accesses into industrial areas.
  • Carriageway Priority 3 - Residential areas and other unclassified roads.
  • Footway Priority 1 - Agreed access routes to schools, health clinics, and town centres.
  • Footway Priority 2 - Footways on hills and connecting footways.
  • Footway Priority 3 - Flat-lying and residential areas.

The document below details the roads gritted first in Midlothian. Road names can be found by using the search function within your PDF reader software (if using a a keyboard this can usually be accessed by pressing the control or command key plus the "f" key):

Winter advice

The Ready Scotland website contains information and practical advice on preparing for and coping with severe weather conditions.

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