Commercial and industrial property for sale or lease

Any available land or commercial property the Council has for sale/lease can be found in the list of property for sale or lease below: 

Looking for commercial property?

You can create your own individual search for details of premises/land available in Midlothian using the Showcase property search facility.

Search Tips and Advice

  • Once you have entered your search criteria, you will receive a list of available land/premises owned currently on the  market. This list is limited to agents and local authorities who have signed up to a certain level of service.
  • Details include a description of the property or land:
    • address
    • Property type and tenure
    • size
    • rent or price where quoted
    • information about the agent or organisation marketing the property or land and their contact details
    • By selecting 'get more information' you will receive more information about individual properties on the list.

Should you require any further information regarding the Council's available land or commercial property for sale/lease please contact the Estates Section.  

If you cannot find suitable premises using Showcase, please contact Economic Development staff who may be aware of additional property on the market.


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Midlothian Council Estates Section

0131 271 3486 (tel)

Economic Development

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0131 271 3435 (tel)

0131 271 3537 (fax)