Registering to vote

How to register to vote

Registering to vote is quick and easy.

Just download and complete a Voter Registration Form, and return it to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) at the address below:

Am I registered to vote?

If you have received a Poll card or Poll letter you are registered at that address.

Who can register to vote?

You can register to vote if you are:

  • 16 years old or over and
  • a British citizen
  • an Irish, EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizens. Qualifying Commonwealth citizens are those who have leave to enter or remain in the UK, or do not require such leave

Why register?

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in UK elections and referendums.

You are not automatically registered even if you pay council tax.

The electoral register is the list of everyone who is registered to vote.

Election Registration Officer

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17A South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9FL

0131 344 2500 (tel)