Voluntary and paid vacancies

Spread a little kindness

Thank you for visiting our Kindness Midlothian hub. Here you'll find lots of ways to give back to your community. 

Lots of ways to help

Even if these roles aren't for you, please remember there are other ways you can help.

Check in on those around you

Take the time to check in on your neighbours and the people around you to see if they need some support. It might be as simple as collecting some shopping on a snowy day or stopping at the garden gate for a chat. Remember a friendly smile and a quick conversation can go a long way. 

An hour a week can make a huge difference

Please have a browse through the voluntary and paid positions below. Even if you can't make a big commitment, an hour a week can make all the difference. 

Please also be sure to visit Volunteer Midlothian for an even wider range of volunteering opportunities. 

Paid positions

Voluntary positions

Volunteers stories

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