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Cancellation rights

Cooling off period

You must give customers written notice of the right to cancel – a cooling-off period – when you are present when the contract is made in their home unless:

  • The contract is for not more than £42
  • It is for urgent repairs or maintenance made at the customer's request
  • The goods are made to the customer's specification – an example could be windows made to measure and not from stock items

Right to cancel

Your customer has the right to cancel:

  • For goods and services, the cooling-off period begins from placing an order until 14 days after the day the goods and services are received
  • For a service only, the cooling-off period ends 14 days after contract agreed

Download a draft cancellation notice and form

Doing work within the cooling-off period

If customers want you to do the work within the cooling-off period, e.g. straight away, get their written consent to protect yourself before doing the work. 

If you don’t they could still cancel and don’t have to pay you anything.

Download a consent form

It is an offence not to give your customers notice of their cancellation rights. 

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