Adult learning classes

Communities and Lifelong Learning (CLL) is offering flexible adult learning opportunities for 2020-21. Brush up your old skills, or learn new ones, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There is a wide range of lifelong learning activities, including certificated and non-certificated courses.

Some examples of adult learning opportunities include:

  • Introduction Courses: Early Learning and Childcare, Health and Social Care, Mindfulness and Wellbeing
  • Accredited Courses: National 5 Maths and National 5 Early Learning and Childcare
  • Digital skills for Life and Employment

Introduction to Wellbeing (fully online - Zoom)

This free, 6 week course looks at what impacts on our wellbeing and the small changes that we can make to improve our physical and emotional health. Sessions include:

  • Mindfulness for wellbeing
  • Food and mood
  • Looking after your emotional wellbeing
  • Anxiety management
  • Sleep and wellbeing.

Starting on Thursday 29 April 09:30-11:00. To book, email

Raising Teens with Confidence (fully online - Zoom)

This free, 6 week course aims to help parents / carers understand how they can best support their teenage children to navigate increasing independence, develop confidence, security and resilience and promote emotional wellbeing. Includes sessions on:

  • ‘The teenage years, why what you do matters’
  • 'Risky business'
  • 'The Brain under stress'
  • 'It's good to talk'
  • 'Looking after your wellbeing'.

Starting on Wednesday 28 April 09:30-11:00. To book, email

Individual Training Accounts (ITA)

Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) offer eligible participants up to £200 towards the costs of approved learning or training.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) have limited places for 2020-21.