Public respond to consultation on local speed limits in Midlothian

A recent public consultation on road speed limits in Midlothian resulted in over 1,000 comments and suggestions from local residents, community councils and other organisations.

Residents' views

Between 1 and 29 November 2022, Midlothian Council asked residents and other stakeholders for their views on existing speed limits in local areas, and on 20mph speed limits in towns, villages and smaller settlements. People were also able to comment on speed limits on higher speed roads and how these impact on road safety and access to active travel, such as walking and cycling. 

Online comments

At a meeting of the Council held on Tuesday (December 13), councillors heard that 990 comments were received on the online Placecheck tool used during the consultation, with a further 50 comments received by email.  Feedback was also received from local community councils, and from the Lothian cycle campaign Spokes, Lothian Buses, and Mobility and Access Committee Scotland.


General responses from local residents included suggestions that 20mph speed limits should be implemented in all towns and villages, whereas others said that reduced speed limits are not needed at all. Speed and traffic calming improvements were also suggested for a number of areas, along with improved pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, new or improved traffic signals, and improved junctions.

Action plan

The findings from the consultation will now be used to develop a detailed action plan which will be brought forward to the council early in the new year. This will include details of the funding required for any infrastructure improvements that are required.


Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for roads, Councillor Douglas Bowen, thanked everyone who took part in last month’s four-week consultation. “People clearly feel strongly about this issue and I am delighted that so many of them have responded with comments and suggestions,” said Councillor Bowen.


“Whether you are a driver, cyclist, pedestrian or public transport user, how our roads are made safer is a matter of concern for everyone. I look forward seeing the action plan, which will set out a series of planned improvements for us to consider.”

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15 Dec 2022