Midlothian Games is well worth the wait

Midlothian Games 1

The Steiner Philosophers beat off stiff competition from teams of athletes including Stray Cats and Upmo at the first Midlothian LD Games for adults with additional support needs since the pandemic.

Battled it out

The seven teams from care providers across Midlothian gathered at the Newbattle Community Campus to battle it out on a circuit of games from football to throwing the Frisbee and table tennis.

Friendly rivalry

Organiser and Community Recreation Officer Mary Mackie of Midlothian Council’s Sport and Leisure Services said: “It was great to see everyone having so much fun together, something that wasn’t possible during Covid.

Having fun

“There was a bit of friendly rivalry but in the end it was all about meeting other people, getting a bit of exercise and enjoying ourselves.”

A race to the finish

Steiner Philosophers from Garvald may have taken the top prize but the YCATS were a close second.

Prizes for all

The Outreach Underdogs from The Richmond Fellowship were delighted with their third place while the Mayfield Hub’s Stray Cats were fourth. Fifth, sixth and seventh were Garvald Gangsters, Garvald Gophers and Upmo respectively.

Mac and Rory

Mary said: “Thanks so much to everyone who came along and everyone who helped organise our Midlothian LD Games, including our very own Mac Bear and Rory, the rabbit.

Bigger and better

“We’re really hoping next year is going to be even better.“

22 Feb 2023