Have a race round Easthouses Park

A new path round the edge of Easthouses Park includes freshly-stencilled start and finish lines to encourage children to time themselves running round the circuit.

Community request

The high-quality asphalt path, which was requested by local people, also now links to existing paths to support healthy living and walking.

£77,000 of improvements

The three ward councillors from the previous administration, Councillor Peter Smaill, Councillor Stuart McKenzie and former Councillor John Hackett pooled their environmental ‘pots’ to fund the £77,000 of improvements.

Hoping to upgrade play equipment

Next year the land and countryside service hopes to secure developer contributions to improve play equipment in the park. 

Working together

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for parks, Councillor Dianne Alexander said: “It’s great to see the council responding to community aspirations and councillors and officers working together to improve the local area. 

Healthy living

“The path is designed for everyone to benefit from and Easthouses Park is now more accessible, encouraging healthy lifestyles for Midlothian residents. We hope, in the future, to improve the play area for young people.”

12 May 2023