Be aware of a 'falls alarm' scam

An elderly Midlothian resident was contacted recently from someone claiming to be from the council’s ‘falls team’. This resident is currently awaiting a fall alarm. The caller asked for payment details before an alarm could be installed in the woman’s home.

No payment required beforehand

Please note this is a scam. No payment is required before an alarm is installed.  Our process is to install the alarm and discuss the process for payment at that point.  We do not ask for your payment details over the telephone.

If cold called

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the council and asking for money then please get the person’s name, title and the contact details of the service they say they are from.

If suspicious

If suspicious, always check with the council service before making any payments.  

 Get in touch

If you have any queries about the authenticity of anyone contacting you about a service or business then you are encouraged to contact the Trading Standards department:


18 Jan 2024