Tenants give energy-efficiency improvements top marks

energy efficiency programme in Cousland

Council tenants Evelyn and Gordon Smart have given Midlothian Council “ten out of ten” for improving their cottage  as part of a major programme to bring existing housing stock up to energy-efficiency standards. 

Homes transformed

In the past year, Evelyn, Gordon and nine neighbours, have seen their homes transformed thanks to new windows and doors, underfloor insulation, solar panels, external wall insulation with new harling and an air source heat pump. 

Extensive upgrades

The ten homes are among 31 council properties in Cousland, North Middleton, Temple and Carrington recently extensively upgraded to meet the Scottish Government’s Energy Efficiency Social Housing Standard by 2032.  

Must meet 2032 standard

In total around 5,000 Midlothian Council homes will require some work to meet the 2032 standard but the majority won't be on the scale of the work done on the Smarts’ home. 

Vast difference

Evelyn says the improvements have made a “vast difference”, not just to their comfort but their bills too. She says: “We’ve been here for 54 years, our daughters were born here. 

Much warmer

“It used to take an hour just to get hot water and you’d be sitting with your jumpers on. Now you can get up in the morning and not be freezing. It has made a vast difference.  

Lower bills

“And our electricity and heating bill is lower too.” 

Good job

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member for housing, Councillor Stuart McKenzie commended the council’s building maintenance service. 

Future-proofed homes

He said: “There are less stringent energy-efficiency standards to meet by 2025 but, like all the homes in Cousland, Evelyn and Gordon’s now meets the 2032 Energy Performance Certificate Band B rating so thanks to our teams, we’ve basically future-proofed their house.” 

Ten out of ten

Evelyn says she can’t thank Clerk of Works Andrew Robbins and Maintenance Manager Jim Ross enough. She says: “I’d give them a ten out of ten.” 

Minimal disruption

Despite the extent of the work, Evelyn says disruption was minimal. “I was dreading it, to be honest, but I needn’t have. It was not bad at all and everyone cleared up after themselves. 

Thumbs up

“It’s been a really positive experience, I can’t fault it.” 

In the picture

The Smarts are pictured with Clerk of Works Andrew Robbins on the right and Maintenance Manager Jim Ross on the left.  

5 Feb 2024