New Project Launched to Improve Child Poverty

The project, known as ‘Our Experience, Our Voice, Our Stories’, is now looking to employ community researchers who have lived experiences of caring for children in poverty.

Reducing Poverty

Successful applicants will be supported with training and will be paid for their time, with the results of their research being used to inform decisions on improving poverty reduction measures.


The research project successfully received funding from the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Practice Accelerator Fund, which was set up to explore promising approaches or service redesigns to maximise their impact on child poverty.

Project Launch

Cllr Kelly Parry, Leader of Midlothian Council, said: “I am pleased to launch the “Our Experience, Our Voice, Our Stories” project in partnership with Midlothian Sure Start. We anticipate that the research from this community empowered project will have a significant influence on our poverty reduction measures in Midlothian, whether that’s improving access or redesigning services.

Improving Services

“We are committed to constantly improving the work we do and ensuring our services make a positive difference to the life chances of people living in poverty. As part of that work, we want to hear from those with lived experience of poverty as their views will directly inform how the council can improve services to better meet changing needs.”

Lived Experience

Tim Porteus, Midlothian Sure Start, said: “Our Experience, Our Voice, Our Stories” is a research project in which the experts are people with direct experience of the issues caused by poverty in raising children. It will explore different experiences and circumstances, people’s strengths as well as challenges, what needs to change, and how people can empower themselves to effect that change.”

Community Research

“We are looking for people who have care or responsibility for children in any circumstance to share their own story and become community researchers to explore what struggling against poverty means, for themselves and for others, and what changes are needed. Successful applicants will be supported, given training and learn new skills, and be paid for their time. If you live in Midlothian and are interested, then please get in touch.”

Details on how to apply for the Our Words, Our Voice, Our Stories project:

What's the criteria for applying? Parents/carers of children, resident in Midlothian, who are experiencing poverty.

What will the recruits be tasked with? Recruits will be tasked with becoming community researchers on the issue of poverty and its impact on families in the area . This can include their own experiences if they wish,  as well as others. They will be given support and training and be paid for their time. The results of the research will be presented to decision makers, as part of action for change

Where to apply? or call 07594 378924.

21 Feb 2024