Eight-week consultation on community councils

Councillors have today approved a proposal to consult on an amended Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.  This first stage will involve an eight-week public consultation on proposed changes to rules around how community councils are set up and operate in Midlothian.

Complaints and boundaries reviewed

Proposals also include reviewing how community councils deal with complaints and changes to community council boundaries to reflect new housing developments.

Last updated 10 years ago

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for community councils, Councillor Ellen Scott said: “The Midlothian Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils, which provides the framework for how community councils are set up and run, was last updated in 2014. Areas have been identified where clarity or guidance in the current scheme can be improved.

Reflect good practice

“A public consultation, therefore, is an opportunity for stakeholders to revise the existing scheme to reflect good practice and changes in policy and legislation.” 

More details coming

Further details of the consultation will be shared in coming weeks including how community councils, third sector groups, and other stakeholders can give their views. 

Vital to democracy

Cllr Scott added: “We’d urge everyone to get involved as community councils are vital components in the local democratic process voicing local people’s views on important decisions affecting their areas and services.”

26 Mar 2024