Two Public Surveys on Active Travel and Local Transport Launched Today 

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Two separate public consultations, launched today, will inform and guide Midlothian Council’s development of a sustainable transport network. 

Have your say

Views are being sought from all Midlothian residents on the Active Travel Strategy as well as the Local Transport Strategy. 

Active Travel Strategy 

A twelve-week period has opened for residents to share their views on the final draft stage of the ‘On the Move Midlothian: Our Active Travel Strategy for Everyone’.  

Easy to travel actively

This strategy focuses on making Midlothian a place where choosing active travel will be an easy, convenient, cheap and realistic option for all.   

Walking, wheeling and cycling

Active travel can take the form of walking, wheeling and cycling, which includes the use of wheelchairs, pushchairs, adapted bikes, cargo bikes scooters and skateboards. 

Help identify gaps

This consultation will help Midlothian Council to identify gaps or omissions in the draft strategy, which will then be used to shape and finalise the final version prior to publication and adoption by the local authority later this year. 

Local Transport Strategy 

Residents are also being encouraged to provide their views over a six-week period to conclude the ‘Case for Change’ stage of the Local Transport Strategy. 

A more sustainable future

In particular, the new Local Transport Strategy will set out how Midlothian Council will contribute to National Transport Strategies and provide a framework for delivering transport interventions in Midlothian that help to deliver a more sustainable future.  

What transport barriers are you facing?

The survey will help the council to understand the various transport barriers that residents might face in Midlothian, for example how easy it is to access local public transport, or transport costs, or remoteness from services.  

Six week consultation

After the six-week survey period has closed, responses will be analysed and will help to shape the options for change, and then the draft Local Transport Survey will be put out for consideration as part of a 12-week public consultation commencing later in the financial year. 

Completing Both Surveys 

Midlothian residents will be able to complete both surveys online via the council’s consultation hub as well as through printed hard copies in each community library across the county.   

Future of active travel and transport

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Councillor Colin Cassidy said:  “I’m delighted with the launch of two public consultations today, which offer a big opportunity for residents to have their say on the future of active travel and local transport in Midlothian. 

Safe, well-connected and convenient

“The council is committed to ensuring that Midlothian has a safe, well-connected and convenient active travel network, whether it is for walking, cycling or using wheelchairs or pushchairs.  

A great, green place to grow

“Alongside the development of an Active Travel Strategy, we are also committed to ensuring our Local Transport Strategy makes Midlothian a great, green place to grow too. 

A growing population

“This means developing a local transport network that is more accessible, sustainable and which answers the demands of our growing population in the county.  

Fill in the surveys

“I encourage everyone to take the time to consider both surveys and complete them as soon as possible.”  

In the picture

Photo:  (from left to right) Sam Murphy, Active Travel Marketing Officer for Midlothian Council; Midlothian Council Leader Cllr Kelly Parry; Cllr Colin Cassidy, Midlothian Council Cabinet Member for Transport; and Iain Tait, Forward Mid. 

29 Apr 2024