School session dates agreed

Midlothian Council today (7 May 2024) agreed school session dates for the academic years 2025 / 2026 and 2026 / 2027.

Neighbouring councils

Officers from Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian councils endeavour to synchronise session dates wherever possible, taking into account some differences in local holidays. These session dates therefore align closely with the dates set by neighbouring local authorities. 


Parents, carers, parent councils, staff and union representatives were also consulted on the proposed dates. 

More on the dates

Agreed dates are as follows:

  • Midlothian will start the 2025/26 academic session on Monday 11 August, with pupils commencing on Wednesday 13 August. The last day of the Midlothian school session will be Friday 26 June 2026.
  • Midlothian will start the 2026/27 academic session on Tuesday 11 August, with pupils commencing on Thursday 13 August. The last day of the Midlothian school session will be Tuesday 29 June 2027.

Making life easier

Cllr Ellen Scott, Midlothian Cabinet Member for Education said: “By consultation with neighbouring councils and stakeholders before finalising our school session dates, we can ensure that pupil attendance is maximised and that life is more convenient for families and staff who have links to other council areas. Families will also be pleased that the dates are finalised so they can plan ahead for holidays and events.”

Continue to consult

Midlothian will continue to undertake consultation with neighbouring authorities with the aim of maintaining alignment of school session dates for future years.


6 May 2024