Lost dogs

Dog tied to a lamppost.

If you have lost your dog

To check if your dog has been taken to Lothian Dog Home phone Midlothian Council or the kennels and provide the following information:-

  • Where and when you lost your dog
  • A description of your dog, including breed and colour
  • Whether your dog has a collar and tag
  • If your dog has been ID-chipped

What happens to stray dogs?

Stray dogs will be taken to the Lothian Dog Home (in Rosewell, Midlothian) and kept for 7 days.  During this time the owner can reclaim the dog on payment of the appropriate fee and kennel charges.   A stray dog not reclaimed by its owner within 7 days will be available for re-homing.

Kennelling Fees

A fee of £17.10 will be charged. 

After the first 3 days of stay a kennelling fee of £4.40 will be charged per day.

What should I do if I find a stray dog?

Between the hours of 08:30 - 17:00, Monday- Friday any matters relating to stray dogs should be brought to the attention of the council's dog warden. To help the dog warden locate the stray you should provide a description of the dog and details of where you last saw it.

Anyone finding a stray dog outwith these hours, on public holidays or at weekends, should contact the nearest police station.

Social Work

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Fairfield House
8 Lothian Road
EH22 3AA

0131 271 3900 (tel)

Lothian Dog Home

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EH24 9AY

0131 663 1211 (tel)