Strategic Development Plan

The Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for South East Scotland

The Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland (SESplan) is responsible for the preparation of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for south east Scotland. The first SDP for the period 2009-2032 was approved by Scottish Ministers in June 2013. Supplementary Guidance setting out housing requirements for each LDP area was ratified in October 2014.

SESplan is made up of 6 local authorities. These are:

  • City of Edinburgh Council,
  • Fife Council (only the southern part of Fife is covered by the south east Scotland SDP)
  • West Lothian Council
  • East Lothian Council
  • Midlothian Council
  • Scottish Borders Council

The SDP sets the strategic policy framework and development strategy for growth and environmental protection in this part of Scotland to 2032.

Through modifications to the SDP, the Scottish Ministers required that the SDP make provision for additional housing requirements, though the locations of these were not specified. Therefore the modifications also included a requirement for SESplan and its member Councils, including Midlothian Council, to prepare Supplementary Guidance on the location of these additional housing land requirements. As a result of this the SDP contains no figures outlining the housing land requirement, which are instead outlined in the Housing Land Supplementary Guidance.

The next Strategic Development Plan - Main Issues Report

Work on the next Strategic Development Plan (SDP2), has commenced, with SESplan expecting SDP2 to be approved by Summer 2018. A Main Issues Report for SDP2 has been published for public consultation, details of which can be found on the SESplan website.

The SESplan consultation portal allows you to view current and past consultations and comment on live consultations.

More information about SESplan and the SDP can be obtained from SESplan through their website or by telephone to their office. Contact details for these are listed below:

  • 01506 282 883


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