Support for young carers

Are you under 18? Or over 18 but still at school? You might see yourself as a young carer if you care for, or intend to care for:

  • your mum or dad
  • your brother or sister
  • someone with an illness or disability
  • someone with an alcohol or drug problem.

Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance

Updated 11 March 2022:

Where the need is urgent, this allows us to offer help without a prior assessment.

Young Carer Statements

The law says we must offer you a Young Carer Statement if:

  • you tell us you are a young carer
  • we already know that you’re a young carer.

If you are at school, your school prepares the Young Carer Statement. For under 5’s, this is done by a health visitor or other professional.

If you care for someone and haven’t spoken to a professional, you can ask an adult you trust to ask for a Young Carer Statement for you.

The Young Carer Statement looks at the care that you give, and how it affects your life. We will talk to your parent/carer so they know about this assessment. 

It will be very useful if you could think about the types of tasks you do when caring for someone, and how it affects your health and the way you feel.

Short breaks from caring

A short break is any form of help which enables you to have periods away from your caring routines or responsibilities.

Our short breaks services statement is for carers who are providing unpaid care for someone living in Midlothian. It has lots of information about getting a break from caring.

If you would like to speak to someone

Contact your school or email 

More information