Equalities engagement

We are committed to making sure that we provide equality of opportunity and eliminate discrimination in all that we do. This means access to jobs, services, information and participation for everyone.

Equalities in our service provision

When planning and delivering services we try and consider these questions:

  • Can people access our services?
  • Do services communicate in ways that people understand?
  • Can the services be located easily?
  • Can people take control for themselves and be independent?
  • Do our services relate to the needs of our customers, citizens and visitors?

These principles are a guide to try to ensure that our services are inclusive, but recognise that all people have differing needs.

Equalities engagement

Community engagement and involvement is primarily about working with community members to improve services for the benefit of the community.

Involvement can take lots of different forms. Consultation, workshops, surveys, participatory budgeting and taking part in boards and groups are all examples.

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Midlothian People's Equality Group  (MPEG)

MPEG is a local community group and registered charity directed by a diverse range of local people who live and work in Midlothian.

The group works together to:

  • Promote equality and challenge prejudice.
  • Build relationships across Midlothian communities of interest where people feel valued and trusted.
  • Support people to learn, educate, and communicate about local equality issues of concern and interest.
  • Support people to have a voice in local policy and planning.

It covers a wide range of ways to encourage and support local people, community organisations, business and other partners to get involved in its work.

MPEG would love to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved.

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