Savings proposals for 2023/24 to 2025/26

Bridging our budget gap

Councillors are considering savings proposals to help bridge the projected budget gap  of £13.87 million in 2023/24 rising to an estimated £25.94 million by 2027/28. 

They want to hear your views on these proposals before the council must, by law, present a balanced budget on Tuesday 21 February.

Read the proposed savings: 

A consultation was launched after the full Council meeting on Tuesday 31 January. Please note if you already submitted feedback before the 31 January meeting there is no need to do so again. Your comments will be considered in the final report to councillors before the budget is set.

To comment on the savings proposals by Wednesday 8 February:

Before the budget is set, councillors are also considering more than 500 comments and suggestions made by local residents and organisations given in December and early January of this year when we asked what matters most to you, your family and your community. 

You can find a summary of your comments and suggestions as an appendix on page 95 of the full Council report.

Councillors discussed the savings proposals at a special meeting of the full Council on Tuesday 31 January.