Our Lord-Lieutenant is Lieutenant Colonel Richard Callander LVO OBE TD. He can be contacted via the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.


Her Majesty The Queen appoints the Lord-Lieutenant, and he is Her Majesty's representative in Midlothian. The Lord-Lieutenant stands apart from politics, and the office is unpaid.


The Lord-Lieutenant:

  • attends and is responsible for arrangements for all Royal visits
  • presents medals and awards
  • advises on submissions for honours nominations
  • prepares the guest list for Royal Garden Parties
  • advises on matters concerning the Crown
  • maintains close links with the armed forces (regular and territorial) and with cadets.

The Lord-Lieutenant will be interested in all aspects of life in Midlothian - both voluntary and statutory - as well as business, social and cultural, including nominations for the National Honours List and awards.

100th birthdays and wedding anniversaries

The Queen will send a message of congratulations to:

  • UK citizens on their 100th and 105th birthdays and every year thereafter.
  • Couples celebrating their diamond (60th) wedding anniversary, 65th and 70th anniversaries and every year thereafter.

The Department of Work and Pensions handles notification of birthdays. However, the Queen's attention will have to be drawn to the date of anniversaries.

Apply for a free birthday or anniversary message from the Queen

If you wish the Provost and/or Lord-Lieutenant to present the card from Her Majesty the Queen, then please call 0131 271 3100.

Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants

The Lord-Lieutenant appoints Deputy Lieutenants, subject only to Her Majesty not disapproving the Commission. The letters 'DL' appear after their names.

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant is appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant from among the Deputies.

  • Mr David Bowes-Lyon DL
  • Mrs Julia Lorrain-Smith DL
  • Lord Dalmeny DL
  • Mr Gregor C Murray DL
  • Mrs Sarah Barron DL
  • Mr G Henry Duncan DL
  • Mr Ian Gardner DL
  • Mr John Dryden DL