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News published July 2018

  • We need foster carers like Phil and Theodora

    Fostering campaign

    Published 9 Jul 2018

    Phil Fitness and his partner Theodora Hidalgo are among a growing number of carers who start off their fostering career offering weekend or short-term placements.

  • High rating for partnership working to protect vulnerable adults

    Published 6 Jul 2018

    Midlothian has been rated as ‘good’ and ‘very good’ in three key areas focusing on how well agencies work together to make sure adults who are at risk of harm are safe and better supported.

  • Beware of iTunes card scams

    Published 3 Jul 2018

    Midlothian residents are being warned not to be scammed into believing they can use iTunes cards to pay for things such as loan fees, HMRC tax bills, utility bills, online shopping or fees to accept a prize etc.

  • Do you have experience of funeral poverty?

    Published 3 Jul 2018

    Have you ever struggled to pay for the funeral of a loved one? Would you be willing to talk openly about your experiences in a short film?

  • Best performing website


    Published 2 Jul 2018

    Our website is rated among the best performing local authority websites in the UK.