Public Survey to be launched to guide new Local Transport Strategy

Today Midlothian Council agreed to launch a public survey, commencing later in April 2024 for a six-week period, to conclude the ‘Case for Change’ stage of the Local Transport Strategy (LTS). 

New Strategy

The new strategy will set the future direction for the council’s approach to delivering a more accessible, sustainable, and environmentally friendly transport network. 

Improving Sustainability

In particular, the new LTS will set out how Midlothian Council will contribute to National Transport Strategies and provide a framework for delivering transport interventions in Midlothian that help to deliver a more sustainable future.

Reducing Transport Barriers

The survey starting later in April will help the council to understand the various transport barriers that residents might face in Midlothian, for example how easy it is to access local public transport, or transport costs, or remoteness from services. 

Consultation Process

Once the survey is launched, Midlothian residents will be able to complete it online via the council’s consultation hub, as well as through printed hard copies in each community library across the county. After the survey period has closed, responses will be analysed and will help to shape the options for change, and then the draft LTS will be put out for consideration as part of a 12-week public consultation commencing later in the financial year.

Get involved

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Councillor Colin Cassidy said: “The development of a new Local Transport Strategy is a big opportunity for Midlothian residents to have their say on the future of transport within the county. I therefore encourage everyone to take the time to read the survey and complete it when it is launched later in April.”

Meeting changing demands

“The council is aware that transport demands are rising in Midlothian as our population increases. At the same time, we are also aiming to meet ambitious sustainability targets too. The council is committed to ensuring that Midlothian is a great, green place to grow and a significant part of that is shaping a transport system which is both more accessible and sustainable."

26 Mar 2024