Enquire about a tree


  • select 'Begin this form' (below). You don't need to sign in, as long as you complete each page in less than 10 minutes.
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If the tree you are concerned about is:

  • on a neighbouring property, you should speak to the householders. We have no jurisdiction if the tree is in a private garden.
  • on a development for which you pay a factoring fee, you should raise your concerns with the factor. 

Otherwise, complete this form to raise a concern with Midlothian Council.

We are happy to quote for work on your own property within Midlothian. (Most tree work should be done in winter i.e. not in the bird nesting season.)

Before you begin

We will ask you to upload a photo of the tree, or a drawing of the site. It would be easier to have this ready before beginning the form. If you take the photo on your phone or tablet, you can upload it directly from your photo library.