Environmental Health certificates for food businesses

Section 39 Certificate of Compliance

Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

Every street trader of food requires a Section 39 Certificate of Compliance for their vehicle / unit from the Registering Local Authority. This is the Local Authority where the vehicle/unit is normally kept.

Street trader food licence

You will require a section 39 certificate to accompany your application for a street trader food licence.

A Section 39 application must be made at least 21 days before you intend to apply for your licence.

Mobile Traders National Standard

Your vehicle / unit must meet the Mobile Traders Food Hygiene National Standard. This ensures compliance with food law. 

After you submit your application we will contact you to inspect the vehicle / unit to check that it complies with this standard.


A fee of £93 is payable on application for administration costs.

If the vehicle / unit does not meet the National Standard required a certificate will not be issued and there will be no refund.

Apply for a Section 39 Certificate of Compliance

Your certificate

If everything is satisfactory we will issue a certificate which must accompany your application for a street trader licence.

Issuing of a Certificate of Compliance by the Registering Authority does not guarantee a street trader licence will be granted. 

Your Section 39 Certificate of Compliance must be renewed every 3 years.

Transferring to another operator

A Certificate of Compliance may be transferred between food business operators but only where:

  • the 3-year duration has not expired
  • the unit’s facilities have not been significantly altered and the use of the unit is within the category stated on the certificate

Contact our Environmental Health Food and Safety team to discuss this further:

Trading in other areas

It is the responsibility of the business operator to present the Certificate of Compliance to each Licensing Authority where they wish to trade.

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