Residential child care

We provide 3 residential homes for young people:

  • Pentland Way in Penicuik
  • Lady Brae in Gorebridge
  • Woodburn Court in Dalkeith

They provide high quality residential living and care for some of Midlothian’s most vulnerable children and young people. These are youngsters who need to be looked after and accommodated away from home, usually because of family, educational, behavioural or social difficulties.

Each caters for four young people. Woodburn Court and Pentland Way cater for a range of young people from age 10+. Lady Brae caters for young people aged 16+, helping them prepare for adult life.

We also provide preventative support for children and their families in the community who are having difficulties. The support is co-ordinated from Lady Brae, and provides respite care as needed. This work is on a contractual and individual need basis. The focus is to avoid admission to long term residential or foster care, or to sustain an existing placement.