New and improved properties relief

Certain types of business properties will be eligible for 100% relief until a year after first occupation. The relief ensures that no increase in non-domestic rates is payable for a year in respect of certain property improvements.


  • The property is entered onto the valuation roll after 1 April 2018
  • The new entry is not as a result of a combination or division of existing entries on the valuation roll
  • The new entry is not due to the refurbishment or change of an existing entry, including:
    • conversion of a domestic property
    • or a property previously exempt from rating.

Relief is awarded under state aid de minimus. It is therefore limited to no more than 200,000 Euros over a rolling three year period for all properties occupied.

Note: for the period that new and improved is awarded, no other relief can apply, such as charitable, small business bonus scheme.