Noise pollution and antisocial noise

We investigate complaints about excessive noise, and can take action if we consider the noise to be a statutory nuisance.

We may take a different approach depending on the source of the noise. For example:

  • someone's home
  • a licensed establishment
  • a commercial property such as a factory.

Where domestic noise is affecting you outwith office hours, please contact the police:

  •  Call 101, the non-emergency number.

Report antisocial behaviour

Noise from commercial properties

Where noise affecting the way you live comes from a commercial property (pubs, clubs, hotels etc), we can investigate to see if:

  • a statutory nuisance exists
  • there has been a breach of licensing conditions
  • if any enforcement is appropriate.

You will need to tell us:

  • the source of the noise
  • the nature and frequency of it
  • how it affects the way you live. 

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