Fair contract terms

Make sure your terms are fair

You may not mean to but your contract terms may be unfair.

Unfair contract terms

  • Not being responsible for what the salesman says if it's not written down
  • Full payment required before work is completed
  • Full payment even if consumer unhappy with the completed work
  • No refunds for failing to honour contract
  • Requiring larger deposits than necessary
  • Not being responsible for acts of negligence
  • Requiring consumers to accept different goods and services
  • Setting conditions for a complaint to be accepted

A little tweaking can make these terms fair.

Fair contract terms

  • Full payment will be required on satisfactory completion
  • We will source near equivalent goods and seek your agreement to supply them
  • If you do have a complaint we want to hear about it immediately

If your terms are regarded as unfair they will have no effect under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.