Business continuity

Can your business cope in a crisis?

Have you considered how your business would cope during an emergency or other period of disruption, however long or short?

Causes could include a utility failure, fire, flood, loss of access to premises from other causes, non-availability of key staff, pandemic.

Business continuity planning

Developing a Business Continuity Plan involves identifying:

  • what is critical to your business
  • what would impact your delivery of services or products
  • the arrangements needed if those circumstances arise. 

Ask yourself "What if ..."

  • my premises are out of commission?
  • I can’t access IT systems (e.g. system failure, cyber attack)?
  • a main supplier fails?
  • key staff are not available?

Business continuity is embedded in the management systems of many larger companies, particularly those in the financial sector. However any organisation, regardless of size, will benefit from developing business continuity plans.

Other sources of information

You can get advice and help from a range of companies, including on a consultancy/commercial basis.