RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Courses

National Pool Lifeguard Qualification

Course overview

The internationally recognised Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS UK) National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) is not only a qualification that will train you to become a Pool Lifeguard but can also be a stepping stone into a career within the leisure industry.

To perform lifeguard duties candidates must be physically fit, have good vision and hearing, and be mentally alert and self-disciplined.

The course requires a minimum of 36 hours training (increasing to 40 hours with bolt-ons like AED & FAW) and requires 100% attendance.

The course is delivered using a variety of methods including:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Flip chart exercises
  • Guided group discussions and activities
  • Practical demonstrations and training

The NPLQ certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of successful completion of the course.


Applicants must meet the following requirements before starting the course:

  • Be 16+ years of age on the date of assessment
  • Jump / dive into deep water
  • Swim 50 metres in no more than 60 seconds
  • Swim 100 metres continuously on front and 100m continuously on back
  • In deep water, tread water for 30 seconds
  • Surface dive to the floor of the pool (our deepest is 3.8m)
  • Climb out of the pool unaided without using a ladder / steps where the pool design permits

We offer a free swim test for anyone who is unsure if they can achieve these requirements.

Courses in 2024

  • 1 – 6 April                                        
  • 1 – 6 July                                                          
  • 29 July – 3 August           
  • 14 – 19 October



To apply for a course or for more information contact: darren.mcgregor@midlothian.gov.uk

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