Peep - Learning Together Programme

Peep to be – antenatal programme

This 2 week course is suitable for women in their 28th week + of pregnancy. Partners and dads-to-be are welcome to attend, with or without the pregnant woman.

  • The programme helps mums and dads to tune in to their baby's feelings, and to understand how sensitive parenting develops a loving, consistent and secure attachment. This helps parent-baby bonding. Research shows that these strong relationships enhance parents' confidence and self-esteem, and contribute to better outcomes for the child.
  • We support parents to become more aware of the social and emotional aspects of the transition to parenthood. We help parents to manage their own (sometimes difficult) feelings that are aroused by a new baby.
  • There's an opportunity to meet other expectant or new parents, and develop a network group to prevent isolation, anxiety and low-level depression.

Peep to be aims to support parents to give their baby the best start in life.

To book

Bookings are via Eventbrite for face to face outdoor and virtual groups. There are links for each session on the Peep timetable.