Peep - Learning Together Programme

Peep groups are all cancelled for the foreseeable future. Keep up to date on our Peeple Facebook page.

Free one hour weekly groups for parents and carers and their children, from pre-birth to five years old.

Parents and carers are children’s first and most important role models. Children learn most at home during the early years. At Peep we help parents and carers to give their children a flying start in life.

Fact - 80% of the brain is developed by the age of 3.

What Peep offers

  • Time to enjoy playing with your child
  • A place to meet other families
  • Ideas for parents and carers to help their children’s early learning
  • Free, fun, easy ways to make the most of everyday activities
  • Builds on what parents and carers already do
  • Some groups offer parents/carers the chance to gain a qualification for their role in helping their children’s learning, by completing the Peep Progression Pathway.

What happens at Peep

  • A warm welcome for everyone with our ‘Hello Song’
  • Singing and rhymes
  • Story time
  • Time to play together
  • A chance to talk with other parents and share ideas about children’s learning and development
  • Ideas for things to do at home
  • Wind down before finishing with our ‘Goodbye Song’

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Weekly groups

Some groups are drop-in, so there's no need to book. For others, you need to book a place. The web page for the group (below) will have the details.

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Or you can download the complete Midlothian Peep timetable (PDF)

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