Temporary accommodation

We can provide temporary accommodation in an emergency or crisis, and if you have nowhere else to stay. We use a variety of temporary accommodation. Your Case Officer will discuss your options, based on the needs of you and your household.

Furnished tenancies

We currently have around 325 furnished temporary accommodation properties in Midlothian. These are individual, furnished properties available to people who are homeless. Most of these properties are owned by Midlothian Council. A small number are Housing Association properties leased to the Council.

Shared temporary accommodation

Midlothian Council uses around 30 properties to provide temporary accommodation to single people. The accommodation provides lower-cost high quality accommodation to single homeless people.

This type of accommodation provides several benefits:

  • Accommodation is more affordable and of good quality
  • People are only required to share with one other housemate
  • People are able to lock their own room to give peace of mind
  • Homeless rights are unaffected

Specialist supported accommodation

Midlothian Council has access to a number of specialist accommodation projects. The support provided varies between each project, examples include:

  • Accommodation for young people aged 16-25. Providing support during the transition from homelessness to permanent housing
  • Accommodation to provide support to some of the most vulnerable homeless applicants with complex needs.

Where will I have to go?

When providing temporary accommodation we consider a range of issues such as, education, employment, and family support. We make every reasonable effort to offer you accommodation that maintains these connections.

However, due to the demand for accommodation it may not always be possible to offer accommodation in your preferred area.

Paying for temporary accommodation

Normally you have to pay rent and will be responsible for paying your Council Tax, Gas and Electric bills. If you are unemployed or on a low income you maybe entitled to Housing Benefit  to help cover the cost of your temporary housing. Your Case Officer will discuss how much you have to pay towards the cost of accommodation.

How long will I be in temporary accommodation?

If you are assessed as unintentionally homeless, temporary accommodation will be made available until you have secured permanent housing. How long you are in temporary accommodation will depend on the areas you select on your housing application form, and the number of properties that become available to let in those areas.

Your case officer will discuss the areas where you have the best chance of being offered housing. They will also discuss other housing options, including Housing Associations and renting from a private landlord.