Temporary accommodation

If you are homeless and need somewhere to live, you can access temporary accommodation through the council. When you contact us, a Temporary Accommodation Officer will discuss your situation and advise on your options.

Note: if you are a woman fleeing domestic abuse you may also be able to get accommodation by contacting Women’s Aid.


When allocating temporary housing, we try to place people in accommodation which causes the least impact on their social circumstances, and will consider education, employment and family support.

However, you may be offered accommodation outwith your preferred areas. If so, we will still look for accommodation more suitable for your needs as it becomes available.


If the council believes that the temporary accommodation offered is suitable but you disagree, you have a legal right to ask for a review of this decision. Talk to our team on the details below for advice.


You will be expected to pay rent for whatever type of temporary accommodation we provide for you. The cost will vary depending on where you are staying and what your income is.