Housing Benefit

How to claim

If you are of working age and need help with your housing costs, you must claim this through Universal Credit.

You must apply online for Universal Credit from the Department for Work and Pensions.

If you have attained State Pension Credit age, please complete the claim form:

If you think you may be entitled, you should claim as soon as possible. Delay may result in loss of benefit.

Who can claim

You can claim Housing Benefit if:

  • you have attained State Pension Credit age
  • and you live in the UK
  • and you pay rent for your home
  • and you have a low income.

You can claim if you are the named person liable to pay rent:

  • to us
  • or to a housing association
  • or to a private landlord.

If you are a joint-tenant, we can also help you with your share of the rent. In some circumstances you can be treated as the liable person, even though your name is not on the tenancy agreement.

How it is paid

We will pay your Housing Benefit to your bank or building society account. Payment is 2 weeks in arrears.

In some circumstances, we can pay your landlord directly 4 weeks in arrears.