Children's hearing system

Your rights

Your rights are things that you can expect to receive or happen for you. 

For example you have the right to be looked after well, to feel safe and to have your say in decisions that are made about you. 

Adults are responsible for promoting and safeguarding your rights.

You have the right to:

  • be safe
  • well
  • loved and valued
  • helped to learn and to be educated
  • be listened to
  • have positive relationships
  • develop self
  • confidence and dignity
  • shelter and nourishment
  • play
  • equal opportunities
  • develop responsibility
  • information and consultation

Because everyone has these rights, you are also responsible for respecting other people's rights.

You have the responsibility to: 

  • listen to other people 
  • not hurt other people
  • not harm other people 
  • not put other people in danger 
  • treat other people with respect
  • not to abuse or bully them 
  • not to take other people's things
  • not to damage other people's things 
  • respect other people's privacy