Children's hearing system

Plans and reviews

Care plan

Plans about you are put together in a form called a 'Care Plan'.

  • You must have a review of your care plan at least every 6 months.
  • If you are not happy with something in your Care Plan, you can ask for a review at any time.

This is because the law says that these things must be talked about regularly, and that you must have the chance to have your views heard.

Your review will discuss:

  • your health
  • your education
  • the contact you have with members of your family
  • your "legal status"
  • how you are prepared for what happens in the future


Every time you have a review you need to tell people looking after you how you are doing. A review is a chance for you to be part of a discussion about the plans made about how you are looked after, now and in the future. 

The first planning meeting is the Placement Agreement Meeting. It should be held before you move to a new placement or if that is not possible then within 3 days.

After this, reviews are held:

  • 6 weeks after the start of your placement
  • 3 months after the start of your placement
  • then every 6 months

At your review

Your Reviewing Officer (RO) must make sure that the meeting understands your views and takes them into account. Your RO should also do the following:

  • Help you speak out at the meeting if you want to
  • Help make sure that you understand what is being talked about at the meeting
  • Let you know of your right to make a complaint if there are things you are unhappy about that aren't being sorted.

If you don't understand what has been agreed, make sure you ask your social worker to explain it to you.