Corporate Parents

Looked after children

Sometimes children or young people are not able to live with their parents. This could be down to illness or family problems.

If this happens to you then the local council will take responsibility for you.

Why you might need a social worker

When you come into care you will be assigned a social worker who will visit you regularly. This will depend on your age and the length of your placement, but it's usually every 4 weeks, or at least once every 6 weeks.

Social workers have many roles. They should help you understand your situation, talk through any health issues, find you accommodation you are happy with, make sure you are receiving an education and make you aware of your rights.

Where you will stay

If you find yourself in care, a social worker will talk to you about where you will live. There are several options.

Foster care

A Foster Family is really just another family who can care for you.

Some foster carers look after children for a short time like a few weeks just to help out in a crisis, but some foster carers look after children for many years.

Kinship care

Kinship Care is where a child is cared by a member of their family or a friend.


We provide 3 residential homes for young people in Penicuik, Dalkeith and Gorebridge. They provide high quality residential living and care for some of Midlothian's most vulnerable children and young people. 

Residential schools and secure

A Children's Hearing can make a Secure Authorisation a condition of a Compulsory Supervision Order.

This would happen when they think that the child should be in a place that they cannot leave (a secure placement). This may be because:

  • The child has run away from home quite a lot and they might do it again, and if they do it again they will be in danger
  • They could hurt themselves or someone else.