Book groups

Join one of our book groups to share books, take part in lively discussion and find new authors.

Start your own group

As well as our book groups the library's book sets can also be borrowed for private groups. You just need to nominate someone as a representative of the group who will then work with their local library to request book sets.

For more details on registering a private reading group please download the following information, complete the registration form, and take it into your local library:

Find reading in accessible formats

1 in 8 people in the UK find it difficult or impossible to access reading in alternative formats (large print, audio and braille).

The Reading Sight website promotes the use of collections of accessible material, enabling readers to:  

  • Find books in accessible formats
  • Join libraries and participate in reading groups and activities
  • Be inspired and motivated by other people with sight loss who continue to enjoy reading
  • Contribute to the site (video, audio and text) and keep up-to-date with new developments