Library fines and charges

Children under 16 are exempt from fines and charges.

Borrower fines

Overdue items are charged at 5p per item per day.


  • CD hire is 25p per item
  • DVD hire is  £1.05 per item
  • Requests are 55p per item
  • Inter-library loan requests are an additional £2.10 

Other services

  • Replacement borrower card is £1.05
  • Black and white printing is 5p per page
  • Colour printing is 55p per page
  • A4 Black and white photocopying is 10p per page
  • A4 colour photocopying is 55p per page 
  • A3 Black and white photocopying is 20p per page
  • A3 colour photocopying is £1.05 per page 
  • A4 laminating is 20p per page
  • A3 laminating is 55p per page
  • UK Fax is £1.05 per sheet
  • Europe fax is £1.60 per sheet
  • International fax is £2.10 per sheet
  • Receiving a fax has a £1.05 fee
  • Hire of library premises is £9.70 per hour.