Outdoor access in Midlothian

Enjoying access

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 establishes a right of responsible, non-motorised access to most land and inland water in Scotland. It also requires land managers to respect access rights.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code explains access rights and responsibilities.

Core paths

Core paths can be rights of way, paths, tracks, footways or any other routes that provide the public with access to a place they want to go. They form a basic system of paths around Midlothian.

Under the Land Reform Scotland Act 2003 council's must prepare a Core Paths Plan.

Access forum

Midlothian Access Forum is an independent body established under the 2003 Act. It provides advice, promotes access and helps with producing the Core Paths Plan.

The forum appoints representatives from recreational user groups, landowning organisations and government bodies to help provide balance when dealing with access related matters.

For more information contact landcompl@midlothian.gov.uk.