This scheme closed to new entrants from 1 April 2015, and will be withdrawn totally on 1 April 2019.

Renew a Taxicard

Who benefits from a Midlothian Taxicard

  • Those with a severe, permanent disability and who can't use ordinary buses.
  • Those who can only use buses with assistance.
  • Permanent residents in Midlothian. You will no longer be eligible if you move out of the county.

Taxicards are issued for 4 years.

Travelling in a taxi with a Taxicard

The Taxicard helps you get around by making single taxi journeys up to £3 cheaper.

You need to pre-book a taxi, or ask at a rank if the taxi accepts Taxicard bookings. You cannot hail a taxi in the street, it may not participate in the scheme. 

There is a maximum £3 discount per single taxi journey. You pay the first £2, then the Council pays up to the next £3, and you pay anything over the £5.

Each year you can make 104 single journeys using your Taxicard (equivalent to 1 return journey a week).

Taxicard fare example
Examples  Fare on the meter Price you pay
 Example 1  £4.50  £2.00 (flat fare)
 Example 2  £6.00  £3.00 - £2.00 flat fare plus £1.00 (the amount over £5.00)

When and where you can use the Taxicard

You can use your Taxicard whenever you like and for whatever purpose.

It's valid day and night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We recommend that you keep a note of the number of trips you have made. 

If you use your full allocation before the year is up, stop using the Taxicard until the anniversary of the card issue date. You can then start using the next year's allocation.

Companies that accept a Midlothian Taxicard