Ring & Go

New card, renewal or replacement

Ring & Go is a taxi service for communities affected by the withdrawal of regular bus services. It runs only when pre-booked by scheme members.

To join, you will need a passport-style colour photo and a proof of address showing you live in one of the areas covered by the scheme.

You pay a fixed rate per single journey, and the council tops up the payment to an agreed contract price.

Processing time is up to 15 working days from the time we receive your application. Please apply in advance for your renewal.

Use scheme links for more details on each service.

Schemes operating in Midlothian
Scheme Code Single fare Operator Provides links to:

Auchendinny (PDF)

AY £2.00 Swift Taxis
0131 660 5000
Gowkley Moss, Milton Bridge or Penicuik
Cousland (PDF) CD £2.00 Swift Taxis
0131 660 5000
Pathhead (PDF)* PE £3.50 Swift Taxis
0131 660 5000
Dalkeith via Edgehead, Whitehill
Howgate (PDF) HL £2.00 Swift Taxis
0131 660 5000
Penicuik via Loanstone, Maybank
Hilltown (PDF) MH £2.00 Swift Taxis
0131 660 5000
Hilltown, Moorfield, Cauldcoats to Danderhall

NEC bus passes are not valid for use on Ring & Go. 

*Pathhead times: Monday to Saturday: 6am - 8.30am, restarts 6pm - 11pm; Sunday: 6am - 11pm