Vogrie Country Park

Hold your event at Vogrie

Book Vogrie Country Park, Midlothian, EH23 4NU for your outdoor event, however big or small.

Location and amenities

Just 40 minutes (14 miles) from the centre of Edinburgh, Vogrie has, among other attractions, rolling parkland, woods, Vogrie House, a café and plenty of parking.

Examples of current and previous events

How we help you


Event organiser Callum Ross ran the Woodland Dance Project and Vogrie Fire and Light Adventure at the park. He says:

“I have had great experiences working with Midlothian Council and running events in Vogrie Park. A great location and a brilliant place to make come alive with events.” 


  • Vogrie events field from £188 a day or £31 an hour
  • BBQ site from £26 a session
  • Fire pit site with BBQ is £74 a session.

We are in the process of updating our booking form (PDF) with new prices. The prices above apply now.

Please note: we will take account of noise, likely impact on neighbours, and any other environmental considerations, before granting event requests.